As I have grown older, I have become very interested in the areas of conscious aging and sage-ing. I have strived to make my elder years a period of personal growth with an emphasis on creativity and serving others. For me aging is a time to explore the lifelong process of growth and development.

To achieve these goals, I have completed the Certified Sage-ing Leader program with the Sage-ing Guild. This involved participating in several training sessions and presenting a number of speeches and workshops. I am also a member of the Conscious Aging Network of New Mexico.

The Sage-ing Guild in a national organization of professionals trained in the Sage-ing philosophy of Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi. As a certified Sage-ing Leader, I am available to lead classes and present programs designed for those interested in aging consciously and purposefully.

The Sage-ing Guild has as its motto, “Changing the paradigm from Age-ing to Sage-ing.” The philosophy of the group is to “approach aging as a positive journey filled with wisdom, learning, and possibility.” The group features practical approaches to growing older with maturity and understanding.

To contact me to lead workshops, teach classes, or speak on the aging process, please contact me.